Hootsuite Review 2017


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Hootsuite Review 2017: Social Media Management

Hootsuite Review 2017Hootsuite awarded Editors Choice for 2017.

Welcome to our in-depth Hootsuite Review for 2017. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different social media management features provided by Hootsuite, please click these to learn more about each specific feature.

Hootsuite is a leading social media management platform & was born in 2008, at the hands of Ryan Holmes and his team of talented developers. The software allows businesses of any size to manage their brand across social media.

It can connect with more than 35 popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube & many more. In simple terms, Hootsuite allows businesses to update & monitor all social media accounts more effectively and efficiently, from one easy to navigate dashboard.

What’s the history behind Hootsuite?

In 2008, Ryan Holmes, the founder, required software to manage the social media accounts of a growing number of clients at Invoke Media, his digital services agency.

As there was nothing available to him at the time, that offered the level of functionality he required to manage his clients social media effectively, he decided to develop his own, along with David Tedman, Dario Meli & the team at Invoke Media.

The first social media software developed was a Twitter tool, known as BrightKit, launched in November 28th, 2008. Knowing that other companies would benefit from the same tool, Ryan launched this as a solution to managing social media and was well received by business owners across the world, due to it’s publishing capabilities & clean interface.

In February 2009, Ryan offered up a prize of $500, in a bid to rename the platform. At the time, over 100,000 people were using the dashboard and this prize was offered to these members.

The winning contest submission was from a guy called Matt Nathan, who submitted the name “Hootsuite”, based upon “Owly”, the current dashboard’s owl logo, as a word play on the French expression “tout de suite”, which means “right now”.

Since December 2009, Hootsuite cut off from Invoke Media and launched as an independent company (Hootsuite Media, Inc). Over the next 4 years, the company raised over $200 million dollars, from investors including Hearst Interactive Media, Blumberg Capital, Leo Group LLC, Geoff Entress, OMERS Ventures, Insight Venture Partners & Accel Partners.

As of 2016, the company, with their head quarters in Vancouver, has over 500 employees located across the globe, in countries such as San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Singapore & boasts 10+ million users in 175+ countries, including clients such as Virgin, Orange, MailChimp & Monster.

If you maintain several social media accounts for a business at any level, then Hootsuite is the leading software of it’s kind, which will help to streamline the way you connect, update and manage your entire social media marketing. You can now build a stronger online presence, without spending all the time at the computer.

At this moment in time, you can open a free account and manage up to 3 social networks, although the free plan lacks the features offered by the pro plan, which you can also try out free for the next 30 days, by using the link below.

Have you used Hootsuite in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal Hootsuite review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this social media management software. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

Hootsuite Social Media Engagement Review 2017

Hootsuite Engagement Feature Review 2017With the social media engagement feature from Hootsuite, you can respond and engage with your social media followers more efficiently, across more than 35 global networks?

Single Click Reply: Every single person on your team, no matter which department or region, can easily respond to comments, mentions and messages from one single social media dashboard online.

Identify leads & influencers: You can listen closely to leaders in your field, that are either connected or related to your business. Additionally, you can also import, create and share lists of important clients and influencers.

Pre-write responses: If you start to find the same questions or requests asked by your customers o a regular basis, you can save a ton of time by saving responses, which can be used to respond quickly to frequently asked questions. You will never have to type out the answer to the same question twice!

Engagement workflow management: Let people see posts that matter to them by mirroring existing workflows, which ensures missed messages are avoided and creates more responsive engagement.

Interaction history tracking: Allow your entire organization to see all interactions with each contact, so no matter who engages with them, the conversations remain consistent and in context.

Search by language or location: You can be exactly where your target audience is, by monitoring conversations in your neighborhood or across the world, in several different languages.

Hootsuite Social Media Publishing Review 2017

Hootsuite Publishing Feature Review 2017A successful social media strategy is focused around publishing awesome content, in front of the right people and with Hootsuite’s publisher features, you can protect your brand, while managing social media content more efficiently.

Social content management: Manage your own library of creative assets and messages ready to publish, which can easily be shared across your team.

Reach the right audience: You can specifically target who reads your posts by sharing your content updates based on your customers language, demographics and location.

Brand protection: Outgoing content can be approved by designated team leaders, so all social media updates are aligned with your brand strategy and goals.

Content discovery: Automatic content suggestions help you discover interesting and relevant content ideas you can post to your own followers.

Social message scheduling: Even if you are unable to be at the computer at certain times, you can set Hootsuite to automatically post your updates at the best times throughout the day, which keeps your social presence active.

Upload bulk social messages: You can save a ton of time by uploading hundreds of social media updates at once, then setting a posting schedule to update all social networks regular, for longer periods of time.

Hootsuite Social Media Analytics Review 2017

Hootsuite Social Media Analytics Review 2017With the social media analytics features inside the Hootsuite dashboard, you are able to measure how effective your social media outreach is, by tracking engagement and conversions, which can then be shared with members of your team.

Gaining new insights: Understand patterns of social media engagement across all your social network accounts such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and many more. You can also connect Google Analytics to add further insights.

Identify influencers: Reveal the key brands and influencers related to your products and service, to understand what conversations generate the most buzz in each social network.

Your best content: By measuring engagement such as likes, clicks, retweets, shares and more, you can reveal which content does not work so well, but most importantly, understand which content works the best, so you can create more of that kind of content to increase your results.

Social media reporting: Create reports that show key metrics within your accounts, which can be automatically shared with members of your team, to keep everyone up to date with your social media marketing progress.

Tagging & tracking messages: If you have specific events or campaigns you would like to track, then you can tag these to analyze content and volume individually.

Measuring internal metrics: Track the performance of social media accounts at a team or individual level, such as resolution times and messages sent, which can help you pinpoint areas that may require improvements.

Hootsuite Social Media Insights Review 2017

Hootsuite Social Media Insights Review 2017With Hootsuite Insights, formerly known as UberVu, you can listen to conversations happening about your brand, such as mentions on Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, message boards and more.

Using this information, you can join in the conversations most important to your brand and make much smarter business decisions, by understanding what people think about your brand, whether this be positive or negative feedback from your customers.

Brand Sentiment Gauge: Clearly see the overall social sentiment around your brand in a simple to understand scoring system. Understanding how customers feel about your products or services in real-time enables you to manage any issues quickly.

You can also filter the results by gender, language & location, so if conversations start trending in a negative direction within specific market segments, such as men on Twitter or Mexican speaking women, you can understand, manage and act much faster.

Never Miss Conversations: Inside the intuitive interface of Hootsuite Insights, you can view real time results that pulls data from over 100 million sources, across 25+ social networks in 50+ languages. This enables you to tap into conversations that matter to your brand on forums, blogs, news portals and other platforms.

Trend Notifications: You and your team can not always be monitoring your data in person. You can set alerts that will instantly notify you or your team if your metrics experience unusual spikes in activity.

If complaints start to go viral (which some have known to do), you are the first to know about it, so you can manage any issues before the complaints damage your reputation.

Powerful Reporting Features: Having all these tools can be overwhelming for you, your business and your team, but with simple to understand reporting that you can customize, your team will know which metrics are most important to you and your brand and what actions are needed to improve or manage these areas.

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