HostGator Review 2017

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HostGator Web Hosting Review 2017

HostGator Web Hosting Review 2017Welcome to our in-depth HostGator Review for 2017. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different web hosting services provided by HostGator, please click these to learn more about each specific service.

HostGator was born in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by the hands of Brent Oxley, the founder.

At this time, Brent had 2 names in mind, or – but after weighing up the pros and cons of each, he decided to register on October 22nd, 2002.

Over 100 new customers had signed up by February 1st, 2003 and exactly one year later, HostGator had over 1,000 active clients.

In June 29th, 2006, the first international office was opened in Canada, due to the growing need of quality staff, with Toronto been an ideal choice to find talented System Admins.

Moving on to November 1st, 2006, HostGator quickly outgrew their 2000 square foot office space in Florida, and struggling to keep up with staffing demands, they moved into a 25,000 square foot office in Houston, Texas. 80% of staff moved to Texas, where the company still remains.

In order to expand their international reach on May 23rd, 2007, they opened a new office in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Around June 2008, HostGator welcomed the first 100,000 clients with quick growth to the 2nd hundred thousand on September 10th, 2009, proving to be a popular and key provider of hosting solutions across the globe.

With quality customer service been a main focus point of HostGator, hiring talented staff was and always has been a main priority for the company. By February 2nd, 2011, HostGator had grown to over 500 employees & continues to add dedicated & motivated staff to their team to keep up with increasing demand.

On June 21st, 2012, Brent Oxley personally announced that HostGator was being acquired by Endurance International Group.

Endurance International empowers the spirit of the entrepreneur with better web solutions for better success & is a welcome addition to the HostGator team, who together, continue to deliver high quality services in 2015 & beyond, at a price you can afford.

As of 2015, HostGator are proud to be one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting providers, hosting more than 9 million domains and have over 850 employees.

Have you used HostGator in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal HostGator review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this web hosting provider. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

HostGator Shared Web Hosting Review 2017

HostGator Shared Web Hosting Review 2017HostGator offer 3 shared web hosting packages that suit small business owners looking for an affordable home for their website, or even for personal users who want to start a blog.

Shared hosting packages include Hatchling, Baby & Business, with prices ranging from $5.56/month to $11.96/month. It’s useful to know that those prices are based on you signing up for a term of 3 years, so prices are a little higher if paid on a monthly basis, although still worth the small fee.

Hatchling plan is ideal for users who want to host just one website, with you also receiving one click installs, unmetered bandwidth and a shared SSL certificate.

For users who want to host multiple websites like I do, then the baby or business plan is the most ideal, with more advanced features for budding entrepreneurs such as private SSL and IP.

We all love a freebie, so all accounts have something juicy for everyone including free Weebly SiteBuilder, 4500 templates, 52 scripts inside the one-click script installer, but most importantly, if you are unhappy with your current provider, HostGator make life easy by offering free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer & Script Transfer to make the switch simple.

To kick off your online marketing and start pulling in new customers on your website, you will also enjoy a $100 Google Adwords offer & $100 Yahoo!/Bing Credit.

The control panel is the latest cPanel which is simple to navigate. All aspects of your website and hosting features can be managed such as stats, email programming, application installs and MySQL database creation or management.

Not only do you get an amazing set of features at an affordable rate, you also have the piece of mind knowing your not harming the environment. HostGator’s web hosting is Green, as they have invested in Wind Energy to help offset server emissions & also purchase certified Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s).

HostGator WordPress Web Hosting Review 2017

HostGator WordPress Web Hosting Review 2017WordPress is by far my favorite content management system of all time, and quite simply, if your not using WordPress, your making life harder for yourself.

Webmaster Warriors is actually built on WordPress and is hosted on HostGator, so you can clearly see what is possible (because it’s awesome!) and why we recommend this provider so highly.

With the managed WordPress web hosting services, you can enjoy convenient simplicity, advanced security, seamless scalability and superior support.

HostGators Optimized WP cloud architecture allows your server and resources to grow when you grow, on demand, so you will never be left with your tail between your legs if you have a sudden boost in popularity or your website goes viral (that would be cool).

Even the control panel is trimmed down and specifically built to manage all aspects of your WordPress website including auto backups, one click restores and email.

Again, if you are unhappy with your current WordPress web hosting provider then you can request free migration of your existing website over to the warm and cuddly home of HostGators super servers.

HostGator Reseller Web Hosting Review 2017

HostGator Reseller Web Hosting Review 2017Ever wanted to run your own web hosting company? HostGator has the best solution with a wide range of reseller web hosting so you can offer your own clients a reliable service, while generating a recurring income.

The range of packages include Aluminium, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond, with prices ranging from $19.96/month to $79.96/month. It’s useful to know that these prices are for the first month only, so please check the payment terms on their website for full details of ongoing costs.

You are provided with everything you will ever need to build and maintain your own web hosting company from WHM that enables you to create cPanels for each of your clients, and also WHMCS that completely automates the billing process, so you get paid every time.

With powerful tools, flexibility and scalability, you are in total control of whether you want to earn a small side income, build a significant web hosting company or add extra value for new or existing customers as a web designer, the choice is yours.

Your own brandable client control panel gives you the look and feel of a serious provider and with access to resell other services such as 70+ gTLDs & ccTLDs (domain name registration reseller), you can provide the whole shebang under one roof, YOUR roof!

HostGator VPS Web Hosting Review 2017

HostGator VPS Web Hosting Review 2017When you start to gain traction and your website becomes more popular, most of the time, shared web hosting is just not going to cut it, but you might not quite be ready for dedicated hosting, so VPS is the perfect option to bridge the gap between the two.

You can have the control of a dedicated server on a scalable environment, without the high cost usually associated with dedicated.

HostGator list 5 pre-configured VPS Web Hosting packages, Snappy 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 & 8000. The pricing ranges from $11.97/month up to $99.97/month. It’s useful to know that these prices are for the first month only and the ongoing monthly cost is significantly higher, so please check their website for full pricing information.

Snappy 2000, let’s call this the “middle of the road” package, costs $57.97/month for the first month, then a recurring cost of $89.95/month. For this you get a 2 core CPU, 2GB RAM, 120GB diskspace, 1.5TB bandwidth & 2 IP addresses with cPanel control panel.

Your VPS server with HostGator is fully customizable and when your site grows, you can upgrade seamlessly at any time to boost your required resources. The ability to install software and customize your hosting environment with full route access is provided with all packages. This is dedicated functionality without the cost.

You have the option of fully-managed or semi-managed services, to fit in with your specific needs. No matter which package you choose, an experienced server administrator is never too far away if you get stuck and need a helping hand.

HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2017

HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2017If your website becomes very popular, you may experience slow loading speeds and as more server resources are required to cope with the load, that’s where dedicated web hosting comes in to play.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on reaching this level of success, pat yourself on the back right now before reading any further!

Access a range of dedicated linux & windows servers that offer the ultimate in performance, power and control.

There are 4 listed packages on the website including basic, standard, elite and pro. Both linux and windows are priced the same, with pricing from $105/month for basic to $225/month for pro. It’s useful to know that these prices are for the first month only and the recurring pricing from month 2 onwards is significantly higher, so please check the website for current pricing.

On the basic dedicated server, the first month is $105 for the first month, then a recurring cost of $174/month, which offers Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3GHz (4 threads), 100Mbps Uplink, 500GB RAID-1 Drives, 10TB Bandwidth, 4GB RAM, 2 Dedicated IP’s & cPanel is included in the price.

With Hostgators state of the art data center, multiple layers of network security, multiple bandwidth providers and a fully redundant network, you have a solid platform to take your business to the next level. Mix that in with 24/7/365 Server Monitoring & unparalleled support, the packages on offer will be hard to beat.

HostGator Domain Registration Review 2017

HostGator Domain Registration Review 2017Your domain name is your unique name on the web, so it has to be easy to remember, it can be tough trying to find a good one that’s not already registered. Luckily, there is so many new domain extensions available, you are almost guaranteed of finding something that suits your business.

Domains with HostGator start from $5.99/year for a .com registration to $39.95/year for domain extensions such as .host – It’s useful to know that these domain registration fees are for the first year only, so ensure to check the policies & pricing before you go ahead and register.

All domains are easy to manage from the domain control panel, you can set automatic domain renewal so you don’t lose your name and also free domain locking, which prevents domain hijacking or unauthorized changes – you certainly don’t want to experience that.

As eNom or LaunchPad are this providers registrars, you would have to read and understand their renewal policies & domain renewal instructions, as the steps may vary, depending on which provider you registered with on signup.

Allowing your domain name to expire and then requesting to re-register it would incur further fees. The policies differ depending on the domain registrar, although if your domain is within a redemption period with either registrar, there is a $75 fee to release it.

TIP: I have found the domain renewal fees to be a little high for my liking, so I register domains with another provider such as namecheap, that has no extortionate renewal fees and just hook them up to the hosting services by changing the nameservers to HostGators from within the domain control panel.

HostGator Support Review 2017

HostGator Support Review 2017As you will come to expect, support is a very important aspect of your web hosting package, but it’s more important to the web hosting companies who aim to become the leader.

The amount of support and resources provided to you by HostGator really is on another level, compared to most other similar providers.

Here are the many different ways you can get support:

  • Phone – Toll Free: 1.866.96.GATOR or Local: 1.713.574.5287
  • Live Chat – Response wait time tested: 42m 33s (Poor)
  • Online Support Desk – Access the Knowledge Base or submit ticket
  • Forums – Get advice about issues from other members or admin
  • Video Tutorials – 100’s of easy to follow training tutorials
  • Social Media – You can message them on Facebook, Twitter & Google+

As you can see from the list above, it’s vary rare that you would have so many avenues of support, that not only allows you to speak with a trained server administrator, but also training videos that will more than likely answer 99% of your questions & allow you to fix or setup certain things yourself.

I have found that the biggest reason why people request support, is due to the fact that they have no experience and may break things every now and then. Very rarely have I had to contact support for something only they can fix.

Best HostGator Coupon Codes 2017

HostGator Coupon Codes 2017Want to save some wonga on HostGator web hosting? Of course you do!

Below is a selection of HostGator Coupon codes for 2017 that you can enter in the coupon box before you checkout on their website. The best coupon for you will depend on the web hosting package you want to purchase.

  • $9.94 HostGator Discount Coupon – $9.94 off OR up to 99.89% off Hatchling & Baby
  • 25% off HostGator Coupon – 25% off coupon on your first invoice

You can also use the above HostGator coupon codes to get a $9.94 discount or 25% off your first invoice when purchasing Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated or Reseller web hosting packages. You can also claim our $300 FREE bonus!

STEP-BY-STEP: First months web hosting for just 1 cent (Up to 99.89% off):

  • Choose a monthly payment plan on either Baby or Hatchling
  • Use a domain you already own (otherwise you will be charged extra)
  • De-select any additional services (unless you want them of course)
  • Enter the above $9.94 off coupon code in the correct area (section 5)
  • Voila, you will now see the total amount due is $0.01, for your first month
  • This entitles you to as much as 99.89% off your first invoice

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