iPage Review 2017

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iPage Web Hosting Review 2017

iPage Web Hosting Review 2017iPage awarded Editors Choice for 2017.

Welcome to our in-depth iPage Review for 2017. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different web hosting services provided by iPage, please click these to learn more about each specific service.

For the last 10+ years, the team over at iPage have had the pleasure of providing reliable web hosting solutions for non-profit, social, business & personal websites across the globe.

Without over complicating things, this company focuses on flexibility, due to the ever increasing demand for quality hosting. They understand there is no typical hosting customer, so their plans cater to a wide range of specific needs.

You want access & support that will enable you to build an awesome website, which is why this provider makes it easy whether you want to use software such as Dreamweaver or Expressions, online site builders, content management systems or writing your own HTML or PHP code (if you want to drive yourself insane).

With email been an extremely important communication tool between you and your customers, iPage ensure you are covered by performing extensive throughput testing, which makes sure your email is sent/received quickly & effective spam filtering is in place.

For obvious reasons, not much information is provided about the security this company has in their data center, although it’s made clear that their network is locked down tight. With firewalls, encryption, database lockdowns, pooled structure and advanced system admin staff, your data is safer than a gold bar in Fort Knox!

As with any hosting company, there is always a risk of security breaches, although their Network Operations Center (NOC) is designed to quickly detect & lock down security holes, before they ever become an issue for web hosting clients who use their services.

The SiteLock security suite is provided free with all packages to boost the overall security of your server, which allows you to quickly activate daily malware scans & spam scanning.

To boost the trust between you and your potential clients, you have options to have your domain verified, along with a security badge for your website, which shows website visitors you are legit & your website is tested on a regular basis.

What stands out the most about this provider is the affordability. You can host your personal or business website for less than $30/year, which is far cheaper than other providers with similar or less features on offer. So if you’re on a tight budget, then iPage is iDeal!

Have you used iPage in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal iPage review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this web hosting provider. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

Review Of Technology Used By iPage 2017

Review Of Technology Used By iPage 2017The 2 data centers located in Boston, MA have a combined space of over 2400 square feet, which houses 1000’s of servers that hold multiple petabytes of disk space.

Each run on N+1 power (AC & DC), have similar network equipment/architecture & have 24x7x365 security. Any server on the network can access files upon request as the network infrastructure consists of pooled servers.

Their customers experience less service interruptions and faster website loading speed than the majority of traditional hosting infrastructures, as the first machine available in the data center can load the clients web pages, same as any other machine can, in the same server pool.

If the loss of a racks power or switch occurs, this does not mean the service pool will go down, as the pool is situated across multiple racks, which offers increased reliability and speed across the entire system.

The high quality servers are split into different application pools for use with different services such as incoming mail, FTP, web ect. This allows each server to be optimized for the specific service it provides offering more density on each box.

Any machine can access clients website data with their network attached storage. If a primary unit crashes, an identical machine in the cluster will seamlessly take over without failure. Besides that, a mirror copy of all data provides a backup of the primary data, in case of disk failure.

iPage Green Web Hosting Review 2017

iPage Green Web Hosting Review 2017In order to reduce the carbon footprint created by running the resources required to keep their data centers alive, iPage offset the energy consumption by 200%. This is achieved by purchasing REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates).

Wind energy completely powers the offices, data centers and servers that support your website. This environmentally friendly company purchase twice the amount of Renewable Energy Certificates than they use in KWH’s of energy.

This can also benefit you and your website as you will be eligible to embed a green badge to show your support for the environment and can claim a green certificate as the carbon footprint caused by your website resources will be offset.

With the green certificate, your website visitors will be able to verify that your website is run by 100% wind power, which is totally awesome in it’s own right. There is a selection of green badges available for you to choose from once you have opened your account.

iPage Essential Web Hosting Review 2017

iPage Essential Web Hosting Review 2017The philosophy at iPage is to not over complicate things, which is why you will find one shared web hosting plan (apart from WordPress optimized hosting), otherwise known as the “Essential Plan” from only $1.99/month or $28.66/year including VAT (excluding add-ons) – that’s one of the lowest prices around.

This web hosting package is designed to fit the needs of a wide variety of clients, providing all the features you will need to design, develop and promote your new or existing website.

Although you don’t get cPanel (which is my fave), the control panel is simple to navigate and gets straight to the point with one-click install scripts such as blogs/photo galleries ect, MySQL databases and email. You don’t need much more to build a website for personal or small business use, unless you intend on building something more robust.

The core features of the Essential plan offers unlimited storage, scalable bandwidth, unlimited domains & MySQL databases. They state scalable bandwidth instead of unlimited as they can cope with the needs of around 99.5% of users, but 0.5% of users who use too much of the shared server resources will be asked to upgrade to VPS if their website becomes too popular, to maintain server stability for other users.

You get the usual marketing credits such as $100 Google Adwords offer (must spend $25 to acquire voucher), $100 Bing/Yahoo search marketing credit, a yellowpages.com listing & a free toll free number (for US clients only).

Alongside the above features, you can also enjoy a drag and drop site builder, website templates, shopping carts, blogging facilities and a free domain name registration (something which HostGator don’t currently offer).

You must be aware of the renewal pricing as it may catch you when you least expect it, so always put your renewal date in your favorite calendar app. The pricing you pay for the first year is not the same as the renewal fee.

The first year is $1.99/month, although after 12 months, it’s $12.95/month or $155.40 for 1 year as well as a domain renewal fee of $16.99/year. Longer web hosting plans attain a bigger monthly discount, with the 3 year plan offering the biggest discount at $10.95/month, which is billed $394.20 for 3 years.

The pricing can change from month to month, so it’s always best to view their website for exact pricing details & renewal terms before you decide on purchasing a package.

iPage WordPress Web Hosting Review 2017

iPage WordPress Web Hosting Review 2017WordPress is by far the best platform to build your website in my opinion, I literally use it for every website I own (including Webmaster Warriors of course) as I’m not a coder & WordPress makes it easy for me to add any extra functionality I might need, without any programming experience.

With the growing need for this popular CMS (Content Management System), iPage have created a selection of web hosting packages, that are developed and exclusively optimized for getting the best out of their services, when using WordPress to build your website.

On their website you will find 2 pre-configured WordPress web hosting packages that include WP Starter for $3.75/month & WP Essential for $6.95/month. It’s useful to know that these prices are introductory for the first term, which then requires you to pay the increased renewal cost, which ranges from $8.49/month to $12.49/month.

Both packages include a WordPress customized control panel that allows you to access the best tools quickly, pre-installed plugins to boost the functionality of your website, such as SEO features & a collection of popular WordPress themes that enable you to build a professional looking website, just by clicking the activate theme button.

For users signing up to WP Essential, you will also enjoy additional features such as enhanced security to eliminate malware & spam, increased server speed with an SSD-based infrastructure & personalized support from WordPress experts.

Apart from the features already discussed, you also get a selection of features found on shared web hosting that consists of unlimited bandwidth, disk space & email accounts, free domain name registration for the first year, free advertising credits for Google Adwords, Yahoo & Bing, along with a money-back guarantee and 24×7 support.

iPage VPS Web Hosting Review 2017

iPage VPS Web Hosting Review 2017As good websites tend to become increasingly popular as time goes on, the resources required to load your website quickly will also grow, which means you will need more resources than what shared web hosting can provide.

VPS web hosting can offer you the same functionality as dedicated, although without the higher cost. It’s easily scalable and can grow with you, without much fuss and can handle all the popularity your website has gained.

On iPage, you will find 3 pre-configured VPS web hosting packages including basic, business and optimum. The pricing ranges from $19.99/month for the basic package, up to $79.99/month for the optimum package. It’s useful to know that these prices are introductory & for the first term only, so after the first year, your renewal fee will be around 20% higher.

Let’s take a closer look at the “middle of the road” package, so to speak, which is the business plan. On this plan, for $47.99/month, you get a 2 core CPU, 4GB RAM, 90GB disk space & 3TB monthly bandwidth. You also receive a free domain name registration (on all packages for the first year), cPanel control panel (my fave), 2 IP addresses & CentOS 6.4.

With fully managed support, root server access, seamless migrations, mirrored storage & guaranteed memory, you have access to a robust VPS platform that is simple to maintain, at a price that won’t break the bank. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not pleased with anything, then you can get a refund.

Along with the features already discussed, you get a variety of additional services and goodies, as same as any other package iPage has on offer, such as free advertising credits for Google, Facebook & Yahoo/Bing, personalized email and 24×7 support via online chat, email or phone.

iPage Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2017

iPage Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2017Dedicated web hosting is for elite website owners that have built a monster of a website, so if you find the need for such a server, then congrats on that, you deserve the praise, as not many people get to that point.

With the dedicated website hosting services from iPage, you enjoy maximum server performance without been effected by any other user on their platform, as all server resources you pay for, are used by you, and your website alone.

High traffic (popular) websites need faster operating speeds, which is why the dedicated resources offered are so helpful. For advanced data protection, you will receive mirrored storage and extensive server security.

As you will have independent control, this offers a simple way to maintain your dedicated server without any hassle at all. cPanel, root access, managed support and zero restrictions when installing applications is provided as standard with all dedicated hosting packages.

On the website you will find 3 pre-configured dedicated web hosting packages available to purchase right now. These include startup, professional & enterprise.

The pricing starts from $119.99/month for the startup package, all the way up to $191.99/month for the enterprise package. It’s useful to know that these prices are also introductory for the first year, so please check renewal fees for year 2, as these can be around 20% higher than your initial first term fees.

Let’s take a closer look at the professional package. The pricing of professional costs $151.99/month for the first year and you get a 4 core CPU, 1000GB disk space, 8GB RAM & 10TB monthly bandwidth. After the first year, the monthly renewal pricing ranges from $169.99 to $189.99, with the best pricing offered when paid 24 months in advance.

All servers are also 100% powered by wind energy and again come along with additional bonuses such as ad credits for the major pay per click advertising networks such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, a free domain registration for your first term, 24×7 support via multiple channels & personalized email.

Review Of iPage Domain Registration Services 2017

Review Of Domain Registration Services By iPage 2017The choice of which domain to use will be your first port of call, as this is what will ultimately become your brand, the name you want people to remember when looking for products or services related to what you offer.

It must be memorable, ideally without a hyphen, so people can quickly remember and later enter your web address manually in the address bar, without any hassle, but it can be harder to find a good domain, especially an available .com, as these domains have been available to register online since the mid-1990s.

iPage offer a wide range of domain extensions from the .com for $5.99/year, all the way up to the .luxury domain name extension which costs a whopping $549.99/year. It’s also useful to know that the pricing is for the first year only and the renewal fees are far much higher, for example, the 2nd year of a .com domain renewal would cost $16.99/year.

All web hosting packages including shared, WordPress, VPS & dedicated, come with a free domain name registration for the first year, but this will only include domain extensions such as .com, .net and other similar domain extensions, so please view their website to see how much each particular domain name extension costs, as the fees vary quite a bit.

There is a selection of additional premium domain name services including domain privacy for $9.99/year per domain, which protects your personal information online from identity theft, spam & fraud and also premium DNS for $6.99/month, which increases the loading speed of your website across the globe.

With around 47% of consumers expecting a website to load in 2 seconds or less (according to Kissmetrics), loading time certainly matters and will contribute to the success of your website, which is why premium DNS is worth thinking about.

If you fail to renew your domain name, then it can be quite costly, especially if you want to renew your domain name in the redemption period (45 days after expiration), which has an additional fee of $160 to release, so always ensure you know when the renewal is due, or set your domain to automatically renew so you don’t get slapped in the face with this additional fee.

iPage will send you renewal reminders 30 days prior to the expiration, so you have plenty of time to arrange payment. If payment is not sent and the domain expires, your website and any associated services including email will all be de-activated within as little as 1 day after expiration.

A third-party (or your main competitors) would have access to register your domain within as little as 30 days after expiration & if that happens, you will no longer have access to renew the domain at all and will be removed from your account, that is not something you would want to let happen, especially after the hard work you put into building your brand online.

Always ensure you are fully aware of your renewal date, and pay the fees on or before the due date, to ensure no interruption of services. There is many apps you can use online or on your mobile to remind you of the date your renewal is due, so prepare yourself to remain on top of your business needs.

Review Of Support Provided By iPage 2017

Review Of Support Provided By iPage 2017Like most other high quality web hosting providers, providing top notch support is high on the list of priorities. Over on the iPage website and within your account, you will have access to a wide range of support, that will help you get the most out of any services you purchase.

Here is a selection of support resources available:

  • Phone Sales – Toll Free: 877-472-4399
  • Phone Support – Toll Free: 877-472-4399
  • Live Chat – Response wait time tested: 2m 49s (Excellent)
  • Knowledge Base – Access hundreds of articles that help with all aspects of your account & services
  • Walk Throughs – Real-time, interactive account & service guidance online
  • Online Support Console – Response times range from 1 to 5 hours for account specific questions
  • Social Media – You can message them on Facebook, Twitter & Google+

As you can see from the amount of support resources available, iPage have made a real effort to ensure you have access to immediate solutions to any issues you might initially face, such as managing your account, using the control panels and installing specific software on your domain.

No matter what your experience is, you will have access to highly experienced and dedicated support staff, as & when you need it the most. You also have the option to upgrade your support via the Web Concierge Program from $49.95/month, which includes additional features including marketing advice specific to your business, personal training & routine maintenance of your account.

iPage Coupon Codes 2017:

iPage Coupon Codes 2017If you decide to signup for web hosting services with iPage, then why don’t you use a coupon code to get a further discount, even though the first year pricing is already so affordable! The money you save is better off in your pocket, don’t you agree?

Below you will find any iPage Coupons that are currently available for 2017. You can enter these discount coupon codes on Step 3 of the checkout process, when filling out your billing information.

  • ONSALE: – 75% off Coupon Code

TOP TIP: If the coupon codes above fail to work, visit the live support over on the iPage website and ask them for any live coupons that you can use to get a discount. Chances are, you will get a much better coupon if you tell them your ready to sign up immediately, but want a discount on their current pricing. Providers want to please you, so take advantage of that!

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